If you are looking for moments of solitude in the fast bustling city life, what you really need is a trip to 'Srushti Farms', which brings you peace and closeness to nature. Unlike the conventional resorts, Srushti Farms is a lush green farm as the name delivers where the playful breeze amidst the green trees and the scenic beauty of the river Bhatsa awaits you. You will be looked after and you will be pampered and we promise you your share of blissful moments. So leave all your worries home and plan your trip to Srushti Farms because you deserve a break.

Srushti Farms is located at the banks of river Bhatsa, in Vasind Village, just 45 kms from Thane city. It is an hour long drive from Thane City. If you choose to travel by train, you can board on any train heading Asangaon or Kasara and it takes approximately ten minutes to walk from Vasind (E) station to Srushti Farms.


Let’s Celebrate Nature!

The Perfect Destination for Family Picnics, Corporate Events, Wedding Celebrations, Weekend Getaways and much more...
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